Date Event
25/02/2021 Invited talk at the University of Cardiff, Wales
03/11/2020 I presented my research on modularity for generalisation and sample-efficiency at the DWS seminars of the University of Mannheim
15/09/2020 3 papers accepted for EMNLP 2020! Such a pity having to wait the next year to visit the Dominican Republic though
20/04/2020 The ERC Proof of Concept grant “Enabling Multilingual Conversational AI” co-written with my supervisor just got accepted for funding!
11/03/2020 The invited talk at the Apple research centre in Cambridge was cancelled due to the pandemic
09/03/2020 I presented my research at Mila - Quebec AI Institute in Montreal. The weather was freezing, but the hospitality was warm.
07/02/2020 Invited presentation at the NLIP seminar series at the University of Cambridge
23/01/2020 I gave a talk at the Turing Institute in London
02/12/2019 I visited Munich to discuss research collaborations at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and admire surfers at the Englischer Garten
21/11/2019 Invited talk at the University of Sheffield NLP Seminar Series. Nikos Aletras took me to the best Turkish restaurant outside Turkey
03/11/2019 Presenting a tutorial and 2 talks at the EMNLP 2019 conference in Hong Kong. I even dared tasting the local delicacy, chicken feet
26/10/2019 I organized a conference with some friends here in Cambridge on how science can inform the democratic debate, stay tuned for the next edition
23/08/2019 Visited the NLP group at the University of Stanford, California. The amazing Siva Reddy took me to the top of the campus tower
02/08/2019 A paper I co-authored just won the best paper award at RepL4NLP 2019 in Florence! Congrats to Aishwarya and Jonas
01/07/2019 Started a summer internship as an AI/ML researcher at Apple in Cupertino, California. Here’s to the whole International Siri group!

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